What is Research Incubator?

At Accendere we believe that, a complete application is one where a student is able to fill every section of the University application form knowing fully well that he / she stands a good chance of admission . Unfortunately this is not possible for most applicants as the most important section- Research experience is left blank , thus rendering your application incomplete.
We are here to give you that extra push, to give you a 100% complete application.


It is a process that is designed to help students write papers of repute within a fixed time frame. Research Papers help students with their problem solving skills and research aptitude while simultaneously enhancing their profile.  The students conduct their research, and Accendere provides the platform and mentorship.

Why Does an Applicant Need this?  
It helps crack better Universities and gives the student a better shot at landing scholarships and assistantships!!!!
Below are a few examples of University applications highlighting the need for Research experience/ Papers published etc.

How it would integrate with your application:
Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) would read as follows: I have pursued ________ and have worked on _______ where I was interested in ________ . I understand that the department has faculty who have worked on ________. I have written a paper on _______ which has been published in _________. I would like to pursue my interests in ________ to enhance my knowledge on the subject.
This would add immense weight to your application.

Contemporary Evidence

NYU Polytechnic

University of Southern California
University of Colorado
University of Texas Arlington
San Jose State University
University of California Berkley
Texas A&M University
University of California Irvine

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