Our Science Communicators

Dr. Abhay Srivastava

He believes day to day difficulties can be diminished by the use of electronics and electrical research. He received his M.Sc. in Electronics from Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj University, Kanpur, where he topped his class. After completing his Masters, he joined the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, as a Junior Research fellow in a project titled "Lightning warning system" towards pursuing his Ph.D. degree. He was awarded the DST INSPIRE fellowship from the Government of India Ministry of Science and Technology. He was also awarded the CSIR SRF-EXT fellowship from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India. After completion of his doctorate, he joined Suraj Group of Institution Haryana as an Assistant Professor. Currently, he is a reviewer of an International Journal known as the Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society (ACES). His research interests lay in lightning protection and warning with modelling, numerical techniques in electromagnetic and meteorology, electromagnetic interference and compatibility and antennas.

Dr. Harish Ramani

People call Harish the naughtiest boy in the world because of his mischievous activities during his childhood. He has never relied on marks when it came to examination and never scored good marks throughout his career. However, he used logic to arrive at solutions for anything anywhere. His logical thinking provoked him to take up research as his career; which resulted in him achieving a Doctorate in the field of underwater wireless communication.

Harish’s interest has always been in the field of computer science, wireless technology, information technology and software engineering. Though he has a Masters in Computer Science & Technology, he was always ambitious to work in an interdisciplinary field, where results could be accomplished by means of connecting minds from various fields.

Working on a research project requires a lot of patience and mental strength; which can be attained by means of sports and music. He has been an enthusiastic person from his childhood with concentration in athletics, cricket and badminton with respect to sports; and Mrudangam and keyboard in terms of music. It is a Great honour in carrying his father’s name towards a tribute and a role model in supporting and encouraging him as a living legend.

A naughty boy and a researcher, he is still the same with the notion of finding and understanding the meaning for the words “how, what and why” as he believes this leads towards a prosperous career and a splendid life. He strongly believes that extracurricular activities are required to flourish in one’s life and career. The whole idea behind concentrating on other activities along with ones studies is to mould oneself to be a better guide for the young and feel superb for the old.

Mr Isaac Michael

Mr Isaac is a Y-generation guy, who believes that anything is possible if one believes in themselves. Friends say he is a cool person, his father thinks that his career is a wild goose chase and his family holds the view that he is a geek. But to him, he is just an impatient idealist who holds big dreams about changing the world.

What will be the simplest way to figure out that there is something wrong with your health? What is the lowest minimal cost at which one can perform diagnosis? How can organ transplant be made safer? These questions have always been at the back of his head for years now and he started answering them with research. His tryst with technology started from his final year of bachelors in bio-medical engineering. He was fascinated by simple technologies that could save lives. According to him, pursuing Masters in Nanotechnology was the best decision he ever made as this made him realize how good a technologist he could be. His work with scientists of high repute, and his exposure to international research and industries in R&D exposure helped him publish high-quality research works. His areas of interest are Microfluidics, Nanotechnology, Organ-on-chip, global health. Medical diagnosis on a piece of paper to help third world countries, point of care diagnostics using microfluidics, and developing a miniaturized human organ on a chip are his active areas of research.

Dr. Nikesh Vellu Valappil

He is fascinated by things that are small and has worked to understand the behaviour of materials at the nanoscale level. His interests led him to research on understanding the properties of materials and manipulating them, which can have tremendous potential for various devices and applications. His major projects include the synthesis and fabrication of nanoparticles and nanophotonic devices and studying their structural and optical properties, fabricating photonic and plasmonic devices using standard lithographic techniques, thin film deposition etc. or by solution processing of polymers. He is an alumnus of University of Pune, having done his Bachelors in Electronics, Masters in Physics and also his Ph.D. in Nanotechnology from there. His Ph.D. focused on the synthesis and study of electronic and optical properties of semiconductor nanocrystals. He has two postdocs to his credit, one from City University of New York, New York on Nanophotonics and the other from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai where he continued his work on Nanophotonics and on Plasmonics. He has also worked as a contractual faculty at a college in Kerala and at Cochin University. Throughout his research career, his interests were focused on analysing the characteristics of materials at nanoscale level and looking for their applications, which led him to publish in peer reviewed international journals and also file a patent on flexible micro cavity structures.

Dr. Nilanjan Das

Dr. Nilanjan believes in simplicity and applies this to his thinking as well as to his work. He is a foodie and this developed an interest in him to gather knowledge about on different foods/diet/food ingredients help in preventing various ailments. He believes the fact that a healthy diet can make life disease free. As he says, we all know two important things - almost all the synthetic drugs possess some side effects, and prevention is always better than cure. This got him developing ideas about continuous intake of beneficial foods for prevention of numerous disorders. His passion in food based research and simplified way of research understanding held good and helped him fulfill his dream of doing research in top institutes in India and abroad. He possesses a Bachelors and Masters in Physiology from University of Calcutta. His Ph.D. is in Nutritional Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the universities Department of Physiology. He undertook two postdocs, one from ICGEB, New Delhi on Microbiology and Immunology and the other from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA on role of physiochemical in the prevention of inflammation and cancer. He has also worked as a contractual faculty in Department of Food and Nutrition at West Bengal State University. Throughout his research career, his areas of interest were roles of physiochemical/whole food/dietary ingredients in prevention of acute and chronic disorders. He went on to publish in various national and international Journals such as IJEB, Food and Function, British Journal of Nutrition etc. This interest still persists in him, with added interest on the mechanism of action of vegetables and fruits of Indian origin in the treatment of diseases.

Dr. Ramachandran Balasubramanian

He is an easy-going, chill, humorous, fun loving, silent and a patient listener. He is passionate towards animals, has had several pets at home and is a proud member of Blue Cross of India (BCI). He has taken active participation in animal adoptions conducted by BCI and volunteered throughout the event. He has an avid interest in gardening and music. He has a respect, dedication and love towards Indian classical/Carnatic music and has given many concerts in Chennai. He was bit by the travel bug while staying in Paris for his Masters and at Grenoble for his Ph.D. This took him to Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany, incorporating both academic and cultural aspects to his travels. He is highly social and is well known among his friends and peers for his cooking and event planning skills.

The confidence he acquired through his international exposure in academics aided him to understand and perform scientific experiments that involve several technical expertises. His doctorate is in the field of Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, with some Physical chemistry and Bio-physics allied to it.

Mr. Kishor Kumar Sarva

“The concept of incremental progress always works with life”. It was after exploring Computational Fluid Mechanics, after visualizing the flows and its practical applications that Kishor’s interest towards Research developed. During his MS (by Research) at IIT Madras, he was able to explore unimaginable ideas for the know-hows, and the concept of progress towards expertise was realized. For his Masters, he worked in the field of pumping technology and renewable energy using unconventional methodology. After completing his Masters by research program, he worked as an Engineer at Toshiba JSW Power Systems Pvt Ltd, where he was exposed to ultra-super critical steam turbines, specifically about state of art of blade technology and equipment for establishing the power plant and power plant operational conditions. Apart from his academic interests Mr Kishor holds great interest in listening to Carnatic music which drove him to learn the MANDOLIN. He is keen to mold his career as a researcher and as an academician in the long run in the field of thermo-fluids using experimental and computational work. His areas of interest are Energy, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and Thermodynamics.

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