B-School Mock Interview

We at Accendere understand that as students, each of you come at different levels of expertise and have different requirements when it comes to an online interview. The most common worries when shortlisted for an interview are usually

1) Never been to an Interview before
2) Need advice on how to improve your performance at an interview
3) Or just last minute tips to help polish your answers

And as such, we have come up with a module that will help you prepare for this important admission event. We organize Mock interviews for students who have been shortlisted by the University. During the course of the mock interview, we will ask questions similar to those posed to an applicant during an official interview.

The answers to each of the questions are noted, and then a detailed report, of the answers given by the student, as opposed to the proposed answers (by us) is provided to the applicant.

The report also includes sections on how to improve the answers, where the mistakes are made and a general list of rules to be followed during the interview.

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