Admission Consulting- Graduate Non MBA (Bronze) INR 5,932.48

With the number of colleges increasing by the day, you are left confused as to which University suits you best? Enroll with us and we will rate your individual profile and help shortlist Universities accordingly. It also comes along with an analysis of your profile and areas of potential increase. Where you get your degree from matters!

Profile evaluation+ University Short listing + Analysis

Admission Consulting- Graduate Non MBA (Silver) INR 12,113.26

A complete application is what it takes!!!
Every University is as Unique as you. Universities have an application procedure that is very different from each other. Be it the number of Letters of recommendation or the application deadline itself. This can be highly confusing especially if one is applying to more than one University. Enroll with us and help us help you. We have established a very easy and timely process that will help you pass through your admissions phase seamlessly. This process would include profile evaluation, University short listing, Help with essays, letters of recommendation, Statement of purpose, application form filling and financial documentation guidance, all this is set to dates that are tracked down by an in house Milestone tracker.

Admission Consulting- Graduate Non MBA (Gold) INR 28,625.00

End to End Process
An application is not the end of an admission. Once the University sends the student an admit, there are a lot of procedures that are left to be completed, this includes your SEVIS registration, VISA documentation etc. Enroll with us for an end to end process that will make international education possible. In addition to the services provided in the silver package, you will be able to avail mock VISA interview services, and your VISA documentation and evaluation. Let the experts lead you to an Admit!

Silver Package+ Mock VISA interview+ VISA documentation and evaluation

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