At Accendere we believe that, a complete application is one where a student is able to fill every section of the form knowing fully well that he / she stands a good chance of admission . Unfortunately this is not possible for most applicants as the most important section- Research experience is left blank , thus rendering your application incomplete.

We are here to give you that extra push, to give you a 100% complete application. How?

We have for you a variety of options that you can pick towards writing a paper:

1. Experimental Research: We can help you conduct an experiment in your chosen field of interest which would count as research
2. Review Paper: We can help you review the papers currently written in the topic of your choice and help you come out with recommendations on the same
3. Concept paper: A document that describes the original thought in a concept done by an individual or a group and is presented in a recognized forum. Your ideas on a topic of interest in an experimental plan that is likely to be carried out by you in the future.

How it integrates with your application:
Your Statement of Purpose (SOP) would read as follows: I have pursued ________ and have worked on _______ where I was interested in ________ . I understand that this project has faculty who have worked on ________. I have written a paper on _______ which has been published in _________. I would like to pursue my interests in ________ to enhance my knowledge on the subject.

This would add immense weight to your application

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